Car Loans with Bad Credit

  Getting a new car is one of the most popular reasons for taking out a loan, but if your bank rejects your application, where can you go?

  Many dealers will offer finance facilities, but they will often be expensive and/or require a hefty deposit. There is also no guarantee that they will be any more likely to accept bad credit applications than your bank.

  Alternatively, you could choose to apply for a traditional car loan from a specialist company such as Accept Car Finance , which will be 'secured' on the car that you buy. You can take this loan out 'in principle' before you decide on what car you want to buy, so that you know in what price range to look.

  Once you've decided on a car, the lender will either send you the funds or pay the dealer direct. The advantage of this kind of car finance is that you're free to shop around at multiple car dealerships to get the best price, just as you would with an ordinary bank loan.

Car & Finance Packages

  The final option is to go for a 'network' car and finance package. These deals provide both the car - usually second hand - and the finance in one package, from one of a national network of branded dealers. These finance packages have a very high acceptance rate of 95% or more, but you are of course more limited in which car you get.

Car Loan Companies

  With Approved Car Finance you could be driving a new car within days, whatever your credit rating. Arrears, defaults, and past repossessions need not stop you from upgrading your car.

Most cars are between 2 and 4 years old, there's hundreds to chose from, and all come with MOT and a full 136-point safety and quality check. Read more >>>

  ADM Car Loans arrange quick car loans for those with good or bad credit. The loans are not tied to any dealer - you can buy your new car from wherever you wish. No-deposit plans available, or use your old car as a deposit.

ADM Car Loans

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