Debt Management

If you are struggling under the weight of your debt, but cannot obtain a debt consolidation loan (maybe through lack of equity), then you might consider Debt Management as a solution.

A Debt Management company will restructure your finances with you, negotiating with your creditors to arrange lower repayments, and finally taking a single lower payment from you and paying your creditors on your behalf.

Consolidation or Management?

With a properly arranged debt management plan, you will end up with all the benefits of a Debt Consolidation loan (a single, lower monthly repayment) without taking out yet another loan to pay for it.

Debt Management is therefore ideal for those with serious debt problems, and a bad credit rating that prevents them from obtaining a debt consolidation loan.

Where to apply for a Debt Management Program

Debt Sorter offer a no obligation debt management service, with a short online application form where you simply answer seven questions, and they will call you back to discuss your options.

Other management companies include Money Matters Advice, Debt Advice Online, and Money Managers.

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