Mortgages with Bad Credit

  Mortgages are one of the easiest forms of finance to arrange for people with bad credit. This may seem strange, as you'd be borrowing a large amount, but your home itself provides a high level of security for the mortgage lender. If you don't keep up repayments, your home can be repossessed to cover the debt.

  Of course, this doesn't mean that high street banks will necessarily approve applications by people with less than stellar credit scores, but there are plenty of specialist brokers and lenders who will accept applications from people of all circumstances, from having arrears right up to discharged bankruptcies.

Self Cert

  Even if you don't have any specific adverse information on your credit file, you may still find it hard to get a mortgage if you can't prove your income, for example you're self employed and don't have signed-off accounts.

  Some mortgage lenders will let you 'self certify' your income. This basically means that the lender will take your word for how much you earn. These mortgage will almost certainly need a sizeable deposit, as they are the most risky for a lender.

Mortgage Companies

ADM Mortgages

  ADM Mortgages offer bad credit mortgages, remortgages and equity release products to those with any credit rating. 100% mortgages also available.

Bad Credit Mortgages

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