Removing a CCJ from Your Credit File

A County Court Judgement (or CCJ) can be a serious impediment to your credit worthiness and can make it difficult to obtain any form of finance, or at least at a realistic interest rate. This much is common knowledge.

However, what's less widely known is that in some cases it's possible to have your CCJ removed from your record, or 'set aside' to use the legal term. This will of course greatly improve your credit rating.

How is it done?

Firstly you need to have a valid reason to have the judgement set aside, and then you fill in a form called N244 which you can get free of charge from the county court, giving the reason you think that the CCJ should be removed from your records.

After you send this form to the court, your application will be considered. If you're successful, you can then write to the credit reference agencies giving a copy of the court's set-aside judgement, and they will then remove the CCJ from your records.

What are valid reasons to give?

There are many reasons you can give which may be successful in overturning the CCJ, but it's best to keep your argument as clear and concise as possible for the best chances of success. Possible reasons include the following:

- If you settled your debt 'out of court' then the action should have halted and no judgement issued. Sometimes this doesn't happen though, and again a judgement is passed by default.

- If you cleared the debt within 28 days of receiving the judgement, then it should have been cancelled and should not have appeared on your record.

- If you didn't receive the summons for any reason, you may have been unaware of the whole court procedure, and would have received a judgement by default. As you didn't have the chance to defend yourself, you can appeal against it after the fact.

- If you were not told about the judgement being made, for any reason, then you can appeal.

There are many more reasons you could use, but the main thing to concentrate on is either that the debt was settled or that you were unaware of the county court hearing or decision, and so couldn't defend yourself or appeal.

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